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no products – home of the all new Aum pendant Aumulet® 

Discover the Om symbol in a unique and elegant design, made from the best materials and exclusively finished by hand.
The mounting presents hovering individual elements which are not directly connected to one other - so the original appearance of the symbol is preserved. 

The highlight of the Aumulet® series is the "CERAMIC" version - made from the finest ceramic.
The special features of this high-end ceramic are, compared to usual ceramic, its lightness and very fine and smooth feel, its guaranteed allergy-friendliness (the material is 100% biocompatible), and its exclusive appearance. 

All Aumulet® versions are unique and only obtainable here at If you are interested in a larger quantity of the Aumulet®  for example for your yoga school with perhaps an individual engraving or in special colours, please contact us for more information.